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Card Game created using Jquery

Added on 15 October 2017

 A simple and clean jquery code to simulate a basic game of pairing card game. This will show you as much as possible simple scripting on how we can demonstrate jquery by creating this deck game with a simple concept of matching equal values. 

Download Sample Script

Play The Game Here

File Upload using Drupal 7 Custom Module

Added on 19 August 2017

 In this video, you will learn how to create a simple module in drupal 7. The example shows an upload script utilizing some useful methods available in Drupal 7. This will show step by step instructions how to set up drupal on your local machine and create a custom module to develop a quick file uploading system.

Download Source Code

PHP AJAX JavaScript Chat Box with Login and Registration

Added on 06 February 2014

 Part two of simple php chat box. This time with enhanced feature such as Register account, Login page, etc... You may download the source code to understand more. Make sure you watch the first part of this to gain full understanding of this continuation. 

You may download the source code here:

Download Source Code

Learn how to create a Chat Box with PHP JavaScript and AJAX

Added on 03 February 2014

 A quick tutorial on how to create a simple chatbox using PHP and jQuery Ajax. This is very simple and could just be your guideline and start your own. You are allowed to download and modify the source code as you desire. This is just to give you some understanding on some simple mysql commands and php scripting. 

You may download the source code here:

Download Source Code

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